बच्चों की आखों के लिए नुकसानदेह हो सकता है काजल ( kajal )

बच्चों की आखों के लिए नुकसानदेह हो सकता है kajal काजल|

Is it okay to apply mascara in children’s eyes?

बच्चों की आखों के लिए नुकसानदेह हो सकता है काजल ? Every mother is worried about taking care of her newborn baby. She takes full care of her children from clothes to massage. At the same time, many mothers believe that applying mascara does not make the child see eye, and this makes the face and eyes of the children also look beautiful. Applying mascara to babies is also one of the age-old customs. But do you know that applying mascara is not completely safe for your baby? If you also apply Kajal (Bachho ko Kajal) to your newborn, then some things must be kept in mind.

Of course, if grandmother’s grandmother believes, Kajal ( काजल ) is the panacea which protects your baby from all diseases and problems. According to them, there are many benefits of applying Kajal (Ankhon mein Kajal) in the eyes of children, such as:

  • This makes the eyes of the children beautiful, big and bright.
  • It also protects the eyes of children from the strong rays of the sun.
  • It also protects children from evil eyes.

But in the opinion of doctors this is absolutely wrong. According to them, applying kajal in the eyes is harmful for the baby. Let us know the disadvantages of applying mascara to the newborn and how it should be applied?

Diseases caused by applying mascara to the eyes (Side effects of Kajal)
Let us know, what diseases can be caused by applying mascara to a newborn:

  •  Infection

Applying mascara can cause water in the eyes of the baby, which makes him prone to infection.

  •  itching

By applying mascara daily to the baby, the mascara gradually starts to freeze in the eyes of the baby, which causes them to itch.

  •  Blurring out
    Due to the spread of mascara in the eyes, it appears blurred or not visible properly, which are harmful for their eyes.


  •  Allergies
    Nowadays, there are many types of mascara in the market, which contain chemical substances, which can cause them to be allergic.


  •  Brain
    If lead is high in kajal, it can prove harmful to the baby’s brain. Due to which brain development is not done well.


  •  Dry eyes
    If the baby eyes are irritated after applying mascara, it means he is jealous. So immediately remove the mascara of his eyes or else his eyes will be dry.


  •  Skin diseases
    Young children have delicate skin. Applying chemical mascara around the eyes worsens the skin. Along with this, there are problems in the eyes and there is a risk of many diseases. Because most of the mascara found in the market is very high in glass, which can be dangerous for your baby.

Precautions for apply mascara in children’s eyes:

If you have to apply mascara in your baby’s eyes, then it is very important to take some precautions before, which are as follows:

After applying mascara to a newborn baby, if the eyes of the child are jealous, then water splashes in the eyes should be done immediately.
While applying water, make sure that the mascara does not fall into the eyes. Apply mascara only from outside.
After applying mascara, before sleeping, wash your eyes and sleep after removing mascara.
If you want to apply mascara to a newborn, then you should only apply homemade mascara and take care of cleanliness while making mascara.
If there are complaints of watering eyes by applying mascara then stop applying mascara.

Method of making mascara at home :

Take a clean white and muslin cloth and soak it in sandal paste. Keep it in the morning to dry in the shade.

  • In the evening, make round cloth of this cloth, put castor oil in an earthen lamp and burn it.
  • Put a little bit of garlic paste on a brass plate over this lamp. Make sure that there is enough space between the plate and the lamp, so that the lamp gets continuous oxygen so that it is not extinguished.
  • In the morning, remove the carbon powder stored in a brass plate in a clean dry box. Add few drops of ghee to it.
  • Homemade mascara is ready.

You can use this Kajal and it also has medicinal value. With this use, you can maintain the old beliefs about using mascara and also avoid the risks of chemical chemicals made today.

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