NDA and UPA क्या है ? Nda or Upa kya hai

NDA and UPA क्या है ? nda or upa kya hai

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Which party is NDA? 

The BJP contested the elections by leading a coalition called the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), which included the Samata Party, Shiromani Akali Dal, Shiv Sena as well as the All India Anna Dravida Munidra Kazhagam (AIADMK) and its allies Biju Janata Dal.

What do you mean by UPA? 

The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) is a coalition of centre-left political parties in India formed after the 2004 general election. The largest member party of the UPA is the Indian National Congress, whose Former National President Sonia Gandhi is chairperson of the UPA.

Is NCP part of UPA?

Despite the NCP being founded on opposition to the leadership of Sonia Gandhi, the party joined the Congress led UPA to form government of Maharashtra in October 1999. In 2004, the party joined the UPA to form the Indian Government led by Manmohan Singh.

How many years UPA ruled India?

After India’s independence in 1947, Congress formed the union government of India, and many state governments of India Congress became India’s dominant political party; as of 2019, in the 17 general elections since independence, it has won an outright majority on seven occasions 

Is NCP part of UPA?

RanksNDA salary (In Rs)
Lt Gen to HAG ScaleLevel 15 (1, 82, 200-2,24,100)
HAG+ScaleLevel 16 (2,05,400 – 2,24,400)
VCOAS/ArmyCdr/Lt Gen (NFSG)Level 17 (2,25,000) (fixed)
COASLevel 18 (2,50,000) (fixed)


Why Congress is called UPA?

United Progressive Alliance (UPA) is a coalition of centre-left political parties in India formed after the 2004 general election. … It formed a government with support from some other left-aligned parties in 2004, after no single party could get the majority on its own.

How many seats are there in NDA?

NDA Vacancies 2020 :
AcademyNumber of vacancies
National Defence Academy370 to include 208 for Army, 42 for Navy and 120 for Air Force (including 28 for ground Duties)
Naval Academy43


When did NDA government came to power?

List of Current NDA Governments :
S.NoState/UTNDA Govt since
6Haryana19 October 2014
7Himachal Pradesh18 December 2017
8Karnataka26 July 2019


Where is NDA situated?

Located at Khadakwasla near PuneMaharashtra, the NDA is the first tri-service academy in the world.

Is BJD an NDA?

The NDA was formed by the BJP in the 1998 general elections; it consisted of its existing allies like the Samata Party, the Shiromani Akali Dal, in addition to the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam and the Biju Janata Dal.

What is UPA and NPA? 

If the current NDA government is to be believed, the whopping Non-performing Asset (NPA) figures are because of the indiscriminate lending practiced by its predecessor UPA government. … Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on multiple occasions, had termed the UPA’s loaning system as the ‘phone-a-loan’ scam. ( NDA and UPA )

What is the abbreviation of NDA?

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA), also known as a confidentiality agreement (CA), confidential disclosure agreement (CDA), proprietary information agreement (PIA) or secrecy agreement (SA), is a legal contract between at least two parties that outlines confidential material, knowledge, or information.

When was NDA formed?

May 1998

Which is the first political party in India?

India had its first general election in 1951, which was won by the Indian National Congress, a political party that went on to dominate subsequent elections until 1977, when a non-Congress government was formed for the first time in independent India.

Who is the founder of Indian National Congress party?

  • Allan Octavian Hume
  • Dadabhai Naoroji
  • Dinshaw Edulji Wacha

Is phone allowed in NDA?

Are mobiles allowed for cadets at NDA? No. As per the rules of National Defence Academymobile phones are prohibited. Officers are there on a regular checking and if a cadet is found with a mobile phone, he would directly get 21 restrictions.

Which job is best in NDA?

While NDA cadets become A1 government gazette officer. IITians-a few of them struggle for a good job with bulky pay and rest others be happy with a civil life. Ex IITian probably is unaware what he/she is missing. According to me the NDA cadet has a better career, infact it is an unrivalled career.

How long is NDA training? 

three years :
Training. All the cadets joining the NDA after their 10+2 Examination are trained in the Academy for three years culminating in graduation with BA(or)BSc or BCs (Computer Science) degree of Jawaharlal Nehru University; the first course to be awarded degrees was the 46th course in 1974.

Which rank is given after NDA?

RankMin. Commissioned Service for Promotion
Lieutenant Colonel13 years13 years
Colonel(Selection)15 years15 years
Colonel (Time Scale)26 years26 years
BrigadierOn Selection23 years


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