साइबर क्राइम (Cyber Crime ) क्या होता है ?

साइबर क्राइम (Cyber Crime ) क्या होता है

साइबर क्राइम (Cyber Crime ) क्या होता है ?

Cybercrime term is very well known for Internet users. But do you know what is cybercrime and types of cybercrime? When the Internet was developed, only its creators would be aware that this Internet can also be misused. For criminal activities like this, all the crimes that occur in this Internet or cyberspace are called cybercrime. . It is because of its anonymous nature that criminal activities are started and people with little intelligence use the Internet wrongly. The field of cyber crime is emerging and many of the criminal activities have shown new forms in cyberspace. There are posts.

In such a situation, it is very important for every internet user to know about these cybercrimes because they say that there is no sense in the information itself. The Internet has a huge contribution in connecting people but with it many users like cybercrime Hacking, theft, identity theft and malicious software are becoming victims. Therefore, to avoid all this, it is most important to secure you and your data or information. So today I thought that you people should be provided complete information about the Cybercrime Act, which will make it easier for you to understand it even better. Then without delay let’s start and know what is cybercrime in English.

What is Cyber Crime ( what is cyber Crime in English )


साइबर क्राइम (Cyber Crime ) क्या होता है ?
साइबर क्राइम (Cyber Crime ) क्या होता है ?

Cybercrime is a type of crime in which a computer is an object of crime (hacking, phishing, spamming) and is used as a tool to do any crime or crime, such as theft of information. , Identity theft, Online fraud, Child pornography, Hate Crimes etc. Those who carry out this cybercrime are called Cyber ​​Criminals. Bar Criminals use computer and Internet technology to access personal information, business trade secrets, trade secrets etc. and at the same time it also uses the Internet for many malicious work.

They use computers to do this work. Criminals who do these illegal activities are also called hackers or crackers. Cybercrime is also known as computer crime. There are some common types of cybercrime. Online Bank Information Theft, Identity theft, Online Predictive Crimes ( Child pornography) and unauthorized computer access etc. Apart from this, if this cybercrime takes a big form, then it is called cyber terrorism and it is really a big topic.

Types of cyber crime

  • स्पैमिंग (Spamming) 

This means that some programs such as Spamnet and Spam Filter have been created to avoid sending unsolicited E-Mail to someone without their consent in an E-Mail Account, although preventing spamming altogether is a complex task.

  • क्रैकिंग (cracking )

Another name for this is password cracking / crossing. It means taking the password of a person’s email or internet account under your control by remembering or stealing it is difficult to completely eliminate it. A new technique for this is the MT Digitlal Fingerprint Reader. An attempt has been made. This is the name of an app studying Fingerprint that does not allow anyone other than the original owner to enter the account.

  •  फिशिंग (Phishing )

An undesired activity through which a person of criminal nature tries to get a lot of e-mails to the Internet users by not sending them an address in their web and by tricking the Internet users to get their bank account PIN number and password etc. If the culprit is successful in his motive, then the person of the person’s bank Can withdrawal from Ount and is blackmailing him can.

  • साइबर स्टॉकिंग (Cyber stalking )

This is an activity whereby cyber criminals obtain their name, address phone number and other information and other information from internet users during chatting and through any other internet media so that they can be blackmailed for this. Criminals trap the said person in their web and talk obscenely to him and record all these things and They start blackmailing them.

  • साइबर पॉर्नोग्राफी (Cyber Pornography )

Internet pornography and pornographic websites are included under this, it includes the transmission of pornographic materials such as sending pornographic images, writing and downloading pornography etc.

  • हैकिंग (Hacking )

Intentional unauthorized entry into a computer system is called hacking. It involves unauthorized entry into computer networks and computer systems by hackers in order to find information related to computer security by defrauding or destroying them.

  • सलामी हमला (Salami attack )

Through this, for the purpose of withdrawal of money from the account holders of the bank by the cyber criminals, an unwanted program is put in the computer system of the bank by which some amount of the account holders account It is transferred to the bank and the account holder is unable to know about it. Salami attack is a kind of economic crime.

  • डाटा डिडिलिंग (Data diddling )

There is an activity through which the data is first converted before it is processed on the computer and then after the computer is processed, the data is converted into actual form.

  • ईमेल स्पूफ़िंग  (E- mail spoofing )

Dodging it where it can go because it involves that a computer can send an email from the address of another person to the person who has to harass, for the purpose of taking revenge or harassing the internet user. In addition, online gambling (gambling) forgery, theft of credit card information and interruption of services etc. are included in the category of cyber crimes.

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